Monday, November 1, 2010

taange wale ne ghori banaya

Hello everybody. I am Rajni. I am 28 yrs old and my statistics are
36/27/38 and I am 5-4". My complexion is fair although not milky white
but still fair enough. I have high degree exhibitionist tendencies. I do
not lose any opportunity to show myself off to others because I am very
proud of my figure. Whereas others are concerned I don't mind exposing
to any age group because I firmly believe a male is a male however old
he is. He will never miss an opportunity to ogle at some well stacked
woman's body, even if she is his distant or sometimes may be even close
relative. I have noticed people from the age group of 16-60 leering at
my body. Of all the parts of my body, I have noticed that males stare at
my buttocks the most. Although I couldn't see it myself but I am told by
others including my husband that my ass is the best part of my anatomy.
And I feel them to be true whenever I go to market or crowded bus/train
I notice people following me wherever I go just to pinch my ass or
sometimes maybe finding a good opportunity they don't hesitate in
caressing it also. I generally do not show any objection as long as it
remains harmless pranks. But when somebody tries to act over smart I
give him a piece of my mind. Since all these activities take place in
public places its not difficult at all. I first give the rowdy person a
few hard stares and still if he persists with his activities I yell at
him and then public takes good care of that person. Not that strangers
pay attention only to my ass but they also try to reach for my boobs as
well. Many times, especially when I am traveling by a crowded bus - I
notice person standing ahead of me in the bus tries to push/press my
boobs with either his elbow or shoulders. But now I am going to narrate
for you one such incident where I had acceded from my self-imposed
limits of only exposing. That time I had also participated in the act.
And believe me I enjoyed it immensely although it was with a low class

It so happened that I had to go to our native place to attend a marriage
ceremony of our relative. I was going there along with my saasuji and my
cousin brother-in-law minus my husband. My hubby that time had gone on a
business trip, and was supposed to join us at the venue itself. My
brother-in-law who was accompanying us then was a small kid of 16 yrs.
Now you may wonder that a 16 yr old lad is not a kid but he actually was
a kid in the sense that he was naive like a 6 yr. Old city bacha.
Hailing from a village and spending his life in rural area he was
completely unaware of the sexual relationships. I can say so because I
tried to seduce him so many times with my physical charms but to no use.
I finally concluded that he is a real dumb ass-hole so better not to
waste my time trying to seduce him. And my saasuji was around 60 yr old
and had vision-problem so she could not see anything in the night. We
traveled to our village by train. And as luck has it the train reached
the station at 9-15 p.m. Actually the train was scheduled to reach by
6-30 but it got delayed by a good three hrs on the way.

When we got down at stn we found to our astonishment that there was
nobody to receive us on the stn. My saasu asked me whether I had
telegrammed them [our relatives] about our arrival or not to this I said
yes I had informed them by telegram but they might have not received it
which is very common in this rural area. We waited for another 15 mins
before deciding that it was already very late and that we should go to
our village on our own. So we started to look for some conveyance. But
it was so late that there were no rickshaws or any bus. All that was
there were a few tangas. Seeing no other alternative we started asking
them to take us to our village but nobody was ready to go as our village
is far off from stn [abot 10 kms] then I noticed one middle aged
tangewala who was standing in the far corner and was continuously
staring at me. Suddenly something struck me. I thought of availing this
opportunity to the fullest.

I went near him and asked him to take us to our village but he also
denied saying 'bibiji abhi raat bahut ho gayi hai aap ke gaon jaayenge
to hamare to raat bhar ka dhandha kharab ho jaayega. '

I again requested him saying 'bhaiyaji plz hum ko hamare gaon chhod do
na - dekhiye hum akeli ladies log hain kaise ghar jayenge. Aap hame ghar
chhod dijiye ham aap ko thode jyada paise de denge. '

Arre per hamara to sara dhandha hi kharab ho jayyega na bibiji. Aap ko
chhod ker to wapas kya aayenge - tub tak to sub train chhoot jayegi.

I noticed that all the while talking to me he was unashamedly looking at
my boobs which were poking out of my chunari. So to entice him I on the
pretext of correcting my pallo adjusted my chunari in such a way that he
could now clearly look at my boobs and its enormity. Then again I
requested him with a very coquettish smile [with my chunari aside from
my boobs and looking at my boobs as if with down cast eyes] 'bhaiyaji
plz hume chhod dijiye - aap ko ACHHA inaam mil jayega' and then I did
the wildest of the thing by directly looking at his crotch and pressing
my left boob with one hand and with the other I cupped my choot over my
ghaghara - with my heart rate accelerating.

Since we were standing in a bit dark corner there was no fear of being
caught by anybody. I gave him the most open signal a woman can give to
any stranger. He also understood that and finally agreed but not before
saying 'achha bibiji, aap kehati hain to chalta hoon per inaam poora
loonga. looking at my boobs as well as above my lehanga as if saying
that I will have that too [my choot].

I thanked my gods for providing me such good opportunity since our train
journey was absolutely dull [as we were traveling by ladies compartment,
so there was no way of any adventures] we got on the tanga. My saasuji
and I sat on the back-seat and my devar sat on the front. After around
15 mins journey we had crossed the crowded area of the stn and were
passing through very deserted kuchha road. There was hardly any light on
the road and it was as if we were passing through some jungle with
hardly any other vehicle on the road. Saasuji had dozed off to sleep the
moment she hit the seat of the tanga and was now snoring loudly. Almost
same was the case with my devarji. He was also sleeping holding the
side-post of the tanga.

At this juncture [maybe noticing all this] the tange wallah stopped the
tanga saying 'bibiji aap aage aake baithiye kyonki peeche ki taraf load
jyada ho gaya hai, ghoda bechara itna load kaise kheechega, aur is
bachhe ko bhi peeche araam se betha dijiye.

I immediately understood what he actually meant to say but still
pretending I said 'nahin rahne dijiye na, aise hi theek hai'

Aise nahin chalega - ghoda to aapke gaon tak pahunchne se pehle hi mar
jayega - aaiye - aap aage baithiye'

I saw that my saasuji was still snoring and so was the case with my
devar also. Acting as if resigning to the fate, got down from the tanga
and went to the front seat and woke my devar up saying 'Raju utho -
jaaker peechhe baitho - mein idhar aage baithoongi.'

Raju very lamely got up from there and without saying anything went and
sat down on the back seat. The tanga again started moving [at a very
slow speed]. After another 15-20 minutes I saw that Raju was again
sleeping and this time he had put his head in Saasuji's lap. So now he
couldn't even see us in case if he suddenly woke up from his sleep. Now
I was feeling so elated to have a perfect chance to seduce this old
lecher and thereby deriving some pleasure from this so far dull journey.

I again readjusted my chunari in such a way now that again my one boob
was fully out in the open [although within the confines of choli] and
looking at him I asked him 'arre bhaiyaji – aap ka ghoda to bahut dheere
- dheere chal raha hai - lagta hai ki jaise isme jaan hi nahin hai'.

The tange wallah said "arre bibiji abhi aapne mera ghoda dekha hi kidhar
hai - jub use dekhogi to ghabra ker apna dil tham logi' while looking
gleefully at my boobs.

To encourage him further I undid one hook of my choli so now a very
large portion of my fair cleavage was visible [since that day I was
wearing a choli – no bra – which had only three hooks] to the tange
wallah in the dim light of the lalten [old fashioned torch used in the
rural area] that was hanging from the top of the tanga. The tange wallah
got the signal right and said further 'bibiji kabhi mauka to dekar
dekhiye hamaare ghode ko, sawaari ker ke aap ka dil khoosh ho jayega -
poora maja na aaye to naam badal doonga'.

I had half a mind to say – apna yaan phir...but let it be - I was
understanding all his double meaning talks, what he actually wanted to
say was that to give him a chance to fuck my choot with his lund and he
would satisfy me to the utmost degree. To tease him more I leaned a bit
forward saying 'sawaari kya khak kraye ga, mujhe to lagta hai ki tumhara
ghoda to ekdum buddha ho gaya hai, dekho kaisi mariyal chaal hai iski."

Tange wallah said "woh to mera ghoda mere kabu mein hai - jab tak mein
ise signal nahin doonga yeh uthega aur bhagega nahin' he said so
caressing his lauda very openly in front of me.

I was feeling very horny with his double meaning talks and wanted to
enjoy it so badly that I pushed myself towards him a bit more and now
one of my boob was touching his shoulders with the rhythmic movements of
the tanga. The tange wallah, noticing that I am giving him the desired
lift, started pressing my boobs with his elbow. I did not show any
objection to it but glanced towards the back seat just to make sure that
both my saasu and devar were sleeping soundly. I then noticed the effect
of my brushing - the tange wallah's lund was raising its head in his
lungi, giving it the shape of a tent.

I jokingly teased him 'arre bhaiya tumhara ghoda to uthne lag gaya.

Arre bibiji ise khane ka samaan dikhega to bechara apna mooh to kholega
hi na - akhhir kab tak bhookha rahega.

Now it was his turn to tease me - so he very gently shifted his lungi in
such a way that now his thighs were completely out of the lungi and with
one big jerk he could show his lund to me at any given moment. I was
dying to see his lund. It was showing its full length through the thin
fabric of the lungi. I wanted to hold that appr. 8-9" meat like I had
never felt before. So to arouse him further I started to push my boobs
on his shoulders very innocently as if it was happening due to the jerks
of the tanga. He was feeling the warmth of my boobs - as a result his
lungi-tent was becoming larger and larger. It was attaining menacing
proportions by now. I just could not understand how he could still
control himself. Now I noticed in the dim lights of lalten - that his
supada [prick-head] was showing from the corner of his lungi.

OH MY GOD - OOOH MY GOOD GOD - I wondered within myself - it was a
really huge lund head - big like a pahari aloo and red like tomato. It
was glistening with all its might in the darkness of the night. I knew
that I would not be able to control myself for long after having seen
such a big and bright supada. I wanted to hold it in my palms and kiss
it and suck it like a whore - the way I have never felt before ever in
my life.

Now the situation had changed dramatically, instead of me seducing him.
I felt it was he who was seducing me by showing his huge lund. I could
not stop myself from going a bit further by opening one more hook of my
choli - as it is my choli had only three hooks and one was already open
- as a result nearly all of my boobs jumped out of the choli and now
they were dancing in the open air as if celebrating their freedom.

The tange wallah also noticed it and teasingly told me very slowly
almost murmuring in my ears 'arre bibiji yeh kya, aapne to apne mammon
ko poora hi khula chhod diya, kya hua aapko'

To this I said "kya karen bhaiyaji - garmi bahut hai na, in becharon ko
bhi to raat ki thodi thandi hawa milni chahiye, bechare din bhar to qaid
mein rehate hain'. To be honest it was just fantastic sitting next to
this lech with nanga boobs in the cool of the night – bouncing away with
the sway of the tanga.

Looking at my choot which was hidden by the ghaghra he said, "to phir to
bibiji - neeche wali ko bhi to thodi hawa lagne do na - use kyon band
kar rakha hai", saying this he put his hands on my thighs and started
sliding the ghaghra up on my thighs – exposing my soft smooth luxurious
legs - as if indicating for me to slide my ghaghra to the last point -
thus showing him my choot.

But I stopped him from doing that because I wanted to tease him a bit
more and said "Arre bhaiyaji - pehle ooper ka kaam to poora kar lein -
neeche ki baat baad main sochenge na".

He was looking at my near naked boobs which were poking out of the
confines of my choli - although one last hook was yet to be opened but
it was practically of no use since nearly all my boobs could be seen
through the thin chunari. He just could not control himself any more and
reached for my boobs and started pressing them with his strong hands. I
shuddered under the pressure of his so strong and rough hands. I had
never had this feeling as my hubbies hands are very soft. I just could
not help from thinking that if his hands are giving me so much pleasure
then how much joy he would give me with his prick.

He then told me "bibiji aap apne joban ka deedar hume chhalni mein se
chhan kar kyon karaa rahi hain - jara is parde ko to hata dijiye". He
was reffering to the chunari but I could not help from smiling hearing
his so erotic desire in so funny language.

Nevertheless I complied to his request by opening the last hook of my
choli and said "bhaiyaji tumhari yeh tammana bhi poori kar dete hain lo
abh tum jee bhar ke mere mammon se khel lo - per tum sirf apne baare
mein hi sochte rahoge ya humara bhi kuchh khayaal rakhoge". I said
looking at his huge lund which by then had gained menacing proportions
and was ready to tear any choot at the first possible opportunity. I
wanted to hold that demon so badly that I did not even wait for a moment
to allow him to open his lungi and just went ahead and grabbed that lauda.

AN OVEN. I just felt that my palms have glued to it. I started pressing
that lauda in my hand as if to judge its tightness and felt so happy
that it was not even bending. My choot was itching so badly to have this
lund. It was then that I decided enough of mere showing I will have to
have this prick tonight. I cant live without it. In the meantime the
tange wallah was busy playing with my boobs [although he could do so
with one hand only] he was pinching my nipples, and even trying to suck
them but could not do so properly due to the jerks of the tanga. I was
rubbing his lund very furiously as if this is the last night of my life
and I will never get another prick in my life. and then I bent down to
take that rowdy lund in my mouth to pay it oral homage.
I bent forward to take that huge lund in my mouth to suckle on it. Oh my
good god his lund was sooooooooo hot that I felt I might burn my palms
if I keep holding it for some more time. It's SUPADA was gleaming like a
zero-watt red bulb in the darkness of the night. But the moment my
thirsty lips touched his lund he pushed me away saying 'bibiji rukiye to
sahi, aap hi ne to kaha tha ki pehle ooper ka mamla nibta lete hain,
phir neeche ki sochenge, to phir aap mere lauda ko mooh mein lene se
pehle jara mujhe bhi to apni choot ke darshan kara dijiye.'

I was getting more and more impatient with every passing moment. I
understood now that I am completely under his spell and he can make me
do things the way he wants. But frankly speaking I was enjoying it so
much that I just wanted to flow with the tide. I let myself fully loose
saying "bhaiyaji aap ko jo karna hai kar lijiye per apne is mustand lund
se mujhe jee bhar ke pyar kar lene dijiye". I was now virtually a gulaam
of his lund. He said to phir pehle apna ghaghara ooper kar ke mujhe apni
choot dikhao.

I obeyed him. And very slowly but seductively started pulling my ghaghra
upwards. Although it was quite dark out there but in the dim light of
the lalten he could clearly see my choot which had minimal hairs on it
[since I and my hubby both like to have few hair though not a completely
bald choot]. I was looking at the face of the tange wallah to see his
reaction. He was completely mesmerized it seems, at loss for words as to
what to say.

Ultimately I asked him 'bhaiyyaji kya hua - bolti kyon band ho gayi
tumhari - kya sirf dekhte hi rehne ka irada hai meri choot ko"

He as if came back to senses and replied 'bibiji ram kasam humne abhi
tak 15-16 chooten dekhi hain aur chodi bhi hain per aiysi choot ufff -
kyan kahein - iske liye aisi desi kachori ki tarreh phooli hui choot to
aaj mein pehli bar dekh raha hoon - aap ke pati to duniya ke sabse jyada
lucky aadmi hain - jinhe is choot ka udhghatan karne ko mila tha. Abh to
bas is choot ko chode bina hum tumhe apni ghoda-gadi se utarne hi nahin
denge, chahe jo ho jaye'

I said “bhaiyaji chahti to mein bhi yehi hoon - per is chalti hui
ghoda-gadi mein yeh kaise possible hai, aap hi bataiye."

Bibiji agar aap sath dein to mein aaj ki is raat ko aapki jindagi ki ek
yaadgaar raat bana doonga, per aap ko mera saath KHULKAR dena hoga'.

Ab aur kya kuchh kholun - subh kuchh to khol ke hi rakh diya tumhare
samne' indicating towards my open choot and boobs.

Nahin - mein yeh kehna chahta tha ki is tange mein to yeh kaam nahin ho
sakta [meaning he can not fuck my nangi choot in this tanga] to aisa
karte hain ki yahan se adha km door mere ek dost ka dhaba hai jo raat
bhar khoola rehta - kahiye to wahan chalte hain, wahin per aap ke saath
poori aish karenge, kasam se aap ko bhi maja aa jayega"

Theek hai to phir wahin chalte hain – chalo. I was not in a position to
wait for even a minute to have his lund in my mouth and of course my
leaking choot as well.

Per aap ke saath walon ka kya karenge?'

Inki tum chinta mat karo - inhe hum chai mein neend ki goliyan mila ker
de denge, tum bas jaldi se dhabe mein chalo" and I again bent down to
take his lund in my mouth. oh I just cant explain the feeling I had when
I took his lund between my lips. It was divine. I never knew that pricks
can be so tasty. I was licking his entire lund right from the base to
the supada again and again.

Now even he also started moaning and saying "HAHNNNNNNNN BIBIJI ISI
MAZA A ARAHA HAI HIIIII BAS ISI TARAH SE' and I increased my speed of
licking his prick and in between I would also take his
balls/testicles/tatte or his supada in my mouth and give it a thorough

Suddenly I heard my saasuji's coughing sound and then she woke and asked
me 'bahu - hum kahan tak pahunch gaye" I felt so frustrated at her
untimely waking up and felt like telling her that TANGEWALE KE LUND TAK
myself from over-reacting and just said “Abhi to hum adhe raste tak
pahunche hain [which was also true in the other sense that I had by now
only managed to hold/suck his lund but not taken IT in my choot]. The
tange wallah got scared and was trying to push me back but I stopped him
from doing so as I knew that his fears were baseless since my saasuji
could hardly see anything in the daytime and in the nights she was as
good as blind and carried on with the sucking.

Believe me it was giving me fantastic thrills to suck a stranger's lund
in my saasuji's presence and yet she could do nothing about it. It was
then that tange wallah also must have realized that my saasuji cannot
see anything in the night. He smiled looking at me and gestured that I
must not stop sucking his lund - his 9" long and 3"thick lund by now was
fully wet with saliva and was shining more as I kept on wetting it more
and more.

Suddenly the tange wallah whispered very slowly “Hai bibiji plz jara aur
jor se choosiye aur mere gote bhi sahlaiye to ek bar mera paani nikal
jayega phir dhaabe mein aish karenge araam se"

Now that my saasuji was fully awake we could not talk freely but still I
thought that if the tange wallah will ejaculate once he will definitely
give me more pleasure in the second round. So I applied more pressure on
his lund and caressing his balls and took one more courageous step and
very slowly moved forward and touched my bullet like nipples on his
prick and told him so in very soft voice 'BHAIYAJI DEKHO - KAISE MERE
of an orgasm - so to entice him further I started rubbing my nipples on
his lund.

He was reaching his climax now and was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhaaaa main to
gaya ahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa and with that he started shooting his
entire load of cum on my face and my boobs - I was still caressing it to
squeeze even the last drop of his cum and his VEERYA was so delicious, I
just kept licking his cum from my face and my boobs. I was licking my
fingers looking at him in a very seductive manner. When I looked down I
saw that his sperms was dripping from my nipples presenting a very
erotic sight.

In the meantime my saasuji had probably heard the moaning of the tange
wallah and she asked “kya hua - kaun gaya - arre bhai tangewale tumhe
kya hua hai'

Mataji yeh mera ghoda bechara bahut thak gaya hai, ise thodi der aaram
karna - hai isliye hum yahan ek hotel hai - wahin per thodi der ruk jate
hai, aap log chai pee lijiyega aur mera ghoda thoda chara kha lega,
nahin to yeh ghoda yehin per dum tod dega' he said looking at the drops
of cum falling from my nipples - whispering to me “bibiji jara apne
joban per parda dal dijiye hum hotel tak pahoonchne hi wale hain.

I the saw the dim lights at some distance, and was trying to hook my
blouse when the tange wallah suddenly gestured me not to hook my blouse
but just cover my mammoth mamme with the chunari. I smilingly just
covered my boobs and looked at him as if asking, is that all you wanted
me to do, are you happy now? and saw a grin of satisfaction on his face.

Saasuji asked him “bhaiya yahan per kitni der rukenge”

Stopping the tanga at the dhaba he said “mataji bus thodi der – itne
mein aap log chai pee lo. mein abhi lekar ayya” and he gestured me to
come along with him. But I signaled him that not now I will come later.

So he went inside the dhaba and returned after some time with three
glasses of tea along with one equally middle-aged man. He asked for the
sleeping pills in the sign language and I handed him those. He mixed
those pills in two glasses and gave one to my saasuji and woke my devar
up saying lo babua thodi si chai le lo abhi hum thodi der yahan rukenge.
He must have had done it to doubly assure him that even my devarji also
should not wake up from his sleep in the meantime and spoil our fun. I
now noticed that the old fellow who had come along with the tangewala
was leering at my near naked boobs. I just ignored him as I could not do
anything to stop him from doing that. after around 5 minutes I called my
saasuji and my devar's name to see the effect of the sleeping pills, and
was happy to see that none of them responded. Means they had again slept
and this time for at least a couple of hours.

So I got down from the tanga. As I was getting down the tange wallah
immediately rushed towards me and giving me his helping hand[?] he said
'bibiji aaram se utariye lo mere hath ko pakad lo.' But this badmaash
played a trick there and the moment I held his hand he very cleverly
pulled my chunari by his other hand as if by mistake, as a result now my
mamme were completely naked with their nipples erect and challengingly
looking at the strangers face. I for once felt a bit shy to expose my
boobs in front of a stranger. And I immediately covered my boobs with my
chunari saying in mock anger 'bhaiyaji jara sambhal ke hath lagana tha
na?' to this the tange wallah [who was getting more and more bolder with
every passing moment due to my meekness/submissiveness] said arre bibiji
inse kaisi sharm - yeh to apne hi aadmi hain' saying so he gave me a
wolfish grin.

I now understood why he didn't let me hook my blouse then. We started
moving towards the room which was adjacent to the dhaba. The tange
wallah was moving with me and his companion was following us. Suddenly
the tange wallah put his hand on my buttocks and pressing them said
MEIN TO AAJ AAP KI GAAND HI MAROONGA and he was openly caressing my
chootad now, unmindful of the fact that we were followed by his friend
who would be watching all this.

I protested saying “bhaiyaji - jo karna hai woh kar lena per yahan
tumhare dost ke samne to meri izzat rakho, nahin to woh kya sochega mere
bare mein.

By now we had reached the room and his friend kept standing out. He
didn't try to enter the room with us. It was then the tange wallah said
“dekho bibiji agar aap ko hamare se chudwane ka man hai to hamare dost
ko bhi khush karna hoga - nahin to jao mein bhi tumhe nahin chodunga.'

It was then – that he opened his lungi and for the first time in
sufficient light I saw his lund - ooooooooooooohhhh it was really bigger
than what I had imagined it to be and was again getting erect in
anticipation of my choot. I was so hot again by his dirty[?] talks that
I just could not let this opportunity to slip by. Although I didn't want
to get fucked by his friend so I tried to persuade him 'bhaiyaji plz
dekho tum jo kahoge mein karoongi, per plz mujhe uss aadmi se... mat
bolo plz. I was looking at his lund which was getting bigger.

I just bent down and took it in my mouth again and started sucking it
like a whore I was telling him 'oooooohhhhhh maa - haai bhaiyaji kitna
pyara hai tumhara lauda, dil kar raha hai ki ise choosti hi rahoon -
haai - plzzzzz jaldi se mujhe chodo apne iss hallaabi lund se - mein to
kab se taras rahi hoon.' I was applying my tongue on his entire prick
and especially on his supada.

Pushing me aside “bibiji dekhiye - yaan to hum dono dost mill ker aap ko
chodenge yaan phir aap ko koi bhi nahin. Agar aap ko manjoor ho to haan
bolo varna aap abhi bhi jaaker apni gadi mein baith sakti hain'.

I just could not tolerate this separation of my lips from his lund and
was literally begging for his lund saying “nahin - plz aisa mat karo -
dekho tum mujhe is tarah pyasi nahin chhod sakte - tumhe mujhe chodna hi
padega. Plz is tarah se mat tarsao.”

“To phir mere dost ke liye bhi haan keh do na, aap ko bhi to double maja
aayega jabh do aadmi ek sath aapko chodenge.”


  1. parewar me chudne ka mazza hi or hai jab chahe kese se bhi chud lo chut or gand muh teno bhar lo lund se