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Behano ki adla badli

Samir am. You will read our story swap sisters. Kudos to my friend's sister Neha, I and my sister mentioned it to the east is Choada Yash how and where I had promised to Neha's time will come But I how the statement I had my little sister Choada East for the first time. Now it's time you and me today I'm going to hear the story of Eastern

Our father was the village chief. Family to me two years younger, I Amatzie Ceserba and so were East. Village were among the big house where we live. In addition to this village where our house was outside the second Maheaman Maheaman lived. Our eight bigha land was farming. It happened when I was 19 years old and was admitted to the new new medical college. At that time there was something unknown to me why the fuck laborers while I had three girls Acod

Then I came home from college got the first Vacation. Some guests were in our house at that time also: Amatzie realizing Ba's aunt, the girl and their older sister Shanta Ba Sulochana. Amatzie my grandfather's uncle was 15 years younger and was the third wife of the Ba realizing why she was younger in age from Amatzie. Sulw aunt little girl from all of them equal to the east was 17 years old. Uncle had died several years but the reality in a small town near Indore ba nice little Bizness was run was very Peeisedar.

Sulw aunt but I had seen since childhood and was the talk of young Sulw. Five feet four inches tall, slender and white body, like Hema Malini Acahera and had black hair that long. Round and round tits were on the breast that was not so big but could not hide. When she walked the breasts and wide hips were Thyrk. Cock of the stands to give any impotent that it had the courage. I go to the bathroom to the first day, had sex and that the name of the hand of the Nirdhahar Acod had.

Sulw aunt and East Hill had got used to things all day Pussr Akusr. Once in the Sulw Muze were keenly watching him caught. He started smiling again stole the eye when we had eye contact she added Sharma roused my heart to hope sooner or later it's going to put the thaw once the scarf from the chest down to the bottom Zukk Zoँakie he got my breasts. Paint the inside of the stand-up show my cock. He had been angry Bnavti mouth turn. The smile on her lips could not hide from me.
Grabbed the chance to see a day in the east and asked each other what you both keep Akus Puss talk?
Pointing the finger at the mouth of silence to keep the East te bid: Brother, you will hear will be left so surprised, if not anger.
Me: What's that too?
East: He talks
Me: What? Amatzie speaking clearly, or I'll tell you.
East: No, no brother, do not do that, Daddy will hear such things would kill me.
Me: What did you do that are so afraid of?
East: They vowed to keep hand on my head, no one will speak to you.
In the oath.
That bid: Brother, the day he choose choose ----- ------. Eastern front could not speak, was red with shame that the Acahera.
I said: ------ fuck talks?
East: Yeah, yeah, just as these.
I: What is this Fear? So you know what and how the fuck is the other, you often played with his fingers Hos do not know of it?
East Acahera covered his quote: you also brother? I know it's time you shower you have ---- the ---- he is not you? ------ ----- Who is tall and fat?
Me: Just do it, I get it. What do you say aunt Sulw?
East: Choose ------ says that he always make the heart remains always that of the ------ ---- between the two feet are not wet it stays wet and that Sometimes he made of rubber deteriorated lives Paante L ----- Shit, shit I can not speak.
I: ---- rubber cocks that uses it? This person over Dialdo Kahtean.
East: Brother You have seen these Dialdo D -----?
Me: I see the need to Dialdo? I have these real good to see you also have the right?
East then Saramaai quote: Brother, how are things with the brain you Karatean? Yeah, sure you ----- it.
Me: They do not bow, speak clearly, Lund. Lyrics L ---- Ned.
Ti was reduced to shame Eastern bid: Shit, shit ----- brother, Kaँwarie girl speaks not. You sure that's great big happy my sister in law - will be lucky.
Me: tell one thing, Sulw have done with the you?

The East said once the two of them had sexual intercourse the Ssjtiy. Sulw Hos on its east by Dialdo used but refused. East also told the Sulw was praising my good. East of the opinion Sulw aunt was ready to Chudwane me. Was not it matter?

I was happy and said: east, you tell her that he likes me too good and I do not want Acod
He was naughty Ahsate quote: I tell them why? Benefit me?
I:'s the use? Ommangogee it's you who will.
East: Really? So whatever Amaँghwँ?
Me: see the true demand.
East: Well you've asked for to you and aunt when they ------ then.
I: Then they quote it? Maagn will not speak so clear.
East: Yeah, to fuck you when the aunt Muze Arhene there to present.
I: What will you stay present?
East: I see that my brother's strong sturdy ------ ------ ----- cocks that ---- they come and go in the aunt's pussy is how user Acod
I: Tuze and watched the heart of Chudwane happens?
East: So you'll use the second blessing.
I: The second gift? Which?

The next day the evening meal we all went home Maheman east said: to see how the film?
Everybody said yes. Kaseo put the video of the night at ten eastern and Black & White Inglish Pekakara began. We knew of three Jwano That's the plan said nothing but just a little tired while realizing true ba ba ba and Shanta said that he is bored and wants to go so we said that we did this movie want to see the result Buzergoan villagers of both of them went home on leave three of us. Just what we want?

After Sulw bid: ti me sleep I'm running
Me: Aunty, do not sit a while with my nephew?
East: Yes, aunt, nephew when the craving is poor and nephew too.
Was shy Sulw quote: You do too, east?
East: to see what they really want Kahati the brother of the paint to make the tent is Rakha?
Sulw my cock to really take care of the body was by Acod.

Aunt few bids. .. That was the pink of shame Acahera Achchie smile with teeth that cut the middle finger started to get up I went to him. They see my cock in jeans Jhulato Saramaai more. Go and I sat next to him. Keep feet shoulder-hand ear that matter and asked: Aunt, I Acod two will it?
He shook his head no and said Acahera covered Ha said. When matter and kiss on the ear that stood confined Rocँ he came to my side

Ear to my mouth came down on her cheek. What do es it to me on the cheek while I took Humyie and lapped. He put his hands to the chest Rkrakie cartel was making. I touch lips to her lips and her lips were so soft and sweet? Before I touch lips, not down. I removed the tongue on her lips and mouth Fiarai then he tried to take off, maybe what he was doing the first time French. I felt hard to hold her head and what continues Rkrakie Rakha. New right after a while it began to Mazo then do what I said. Take her in my mouth I suck the bottom lip. I put my tongue in her mouth Humai around. He vigorously made their lips glued to my lips, my tongue began to play his tongue

Es continue what I was holding her hand to my neck Aliptaye. To do with the feeling that the breast from my chest when I have the Alinagan tits that ruined my chest to be subordinated to be slightly different to the kerchief I removed the pallu and blouse incarceration hand on her breast Firaaya. He caught my wrist but not removed hand. I Ssahlahc him round and round hard breasts and gently press. Tight bodice made of thin fabric across the hard nipple find my fingers took. But I Fiarai nipple little finger then added that many more tan two nipple long I was playing with Ta. Go aunt is excited.

My hand was now looking at Hukas bodice. One by one do I hook all opened the blouse was open then revealed he was not wearing a bra. Where have? Bare breasts that have become locked into my palms began to increase the speed of the breath

Chodi matter and not more girls, but was Chodi as any of those of the breast such as breast Sulw was not pretty. Big large round breasts that were heavy and hard, my palms were not Samate. Chikaani of blood under the skin was blue Nsen visible. Two-inch pink was Criolah. Criolah Kismis between the grains of which was as gentle nipple stimulation that time had become hard. Unglyoan the matter and take in Acipti Mslly Criolah Otolly and the nipple.

Unknowingly to me a little loud breast buried. Sulw arose out of the mouth Ah. I left breast. Eastern everyone was watching. That bid: Brother, just gently press, still raw with the brain.
Me: So big and raw? Aunt, what is your breast raw?
In response he holding my hand and then placed on the breast. I breast Ssahlahc again, nabbed and put muscle.

Chuchiayaँ saw my hands were around her lips and mouth Chuss was there he caught my stand-cocks. East's hand was entered and that his Paante C. mouth. C.. The sound was coming out. Acahera her was the pink. I called to him. He sat behind me, come and stick to Muz been subordinated to my back that got small tight tits
Lund was licking aunt. Tan full seven inches tall and my cock was hard as iron. Sulw the open string pajama shorts down removed but could not pull out of the cocks. Then I launched the shorts. As Azad cocks aunt was immediately caught in the palm. After seeing the Eastern bid: Brother, you cocks so big? I fear that Ta
Me: You see Arahena, aunt's pussy cock can take it easy. Aunt right?
To slip by without uttering Sulw my lap sitting on the floor come. Sat on the sofa. East was sitting behind me. Lund was caught in the Muatty Sulw.

Hola Hola Sulw Mut Lund started the job by hitting the juice started to pretend. By pulling the cap over the Maota Sulw cocks open and her tongue Fiarai. Lund put the blow. Aunt succumbed to lund was in my mouth and the forehead got the nod to Chuss in Lund started out behind the Eastern bid: Brother, I Looan hold?
I said yes. Dandi cocks his gentle fingers holding it again quote: Brother, this is like iron tan would not hurt you?
Me: No, would not hurt, Mazo makes you like, such as hitting Mut.
Sulw the east of the wrist are picked up and showed how Mut Muatty Marie Lund in Lund started by hitting the East Mut aunt's forehead was the flower's mouth was full, was ti Chuss aunt.

The antics of both my cock was bursting. He was spewing saliva and abundance Tumce Tumka was laying on. I thought I Unga aunt's mouth being in the Zar. They both had become too much Excite.

Now I have not been. Sulw I pulled the east of the mouth cocks rescued by hand. Sulw to pick up on the bed took. Heads rolled to her left I Hohre string. Of shame he opened a while Rkrakie Hohre hold off, but later gave himself by taking the Kule.

Sulw Pehanee the Paante was not. Te out of him Zaanhean Hohre the open and Hos. My fingers were covered in his Chikaani Zaanhean and black Zonto Hos started playing with the Eastern bid: aunt, your Hos and it looks pretty much the same flavor is coming from
I said: east, you aja up. Aunt Tuze Freac teach what. You also Chuss Neepals not his.

Gori Gori to see full Zaanhean towards my cock was too tan. Mons Uँchi Akddha between two Zaanhean and was a bit was at the bottom of the aunt's Rasila part of all, that's Hos. Put the Zaanhean Ikttti was ti was visible only little part of the Hos. Troy Zaanhean to be wide, but I failed. Sulw shame the adjoining Zaanhean Rkrakie, did not open the.

I said: aunt, you east learned the French Police.
Sulw immediately east of the mouth put your mouth. What do both of them are ti and I kiss the hand Zaanhean Ssahalate put on the breast. Too many long Chusi Neepals. Hola Hola I of the stomach and abdomen from the thigh by the kiss was. Soft grip began to tickle him and had thigh. Now my hand could be between two thigh. Hola I Zaanhean the wide, this time he did not resist. He lifted himself up after leg

The large lips of the Sulw Hos Ckasatmento Shuje the work was wet wet from the juice. Soft pink swollen lips to small crack came out. Three-inch long crack to the next corner was Clattoris Hatar, Clattoris be an inch long. Clattoris's forehead was a little thick cherry juice was shining and work. Mons and big lips and curly black on the outer part was Zonto Rkrake which he was cut. Hos smell was coming from. Like to kiss on the matter and Hos, Sulw jumped, dropped my head to hold the hair.
I left aunt Pequi No. Big lips and began licking the light touch of fingers. There was too hard to Clattoris could see. I then after a while the Hos licking my lips glued to Clattoris which was engaged in French with the same aunt East this time he not removed my head I now take between tongue and lips could Otoal Clattoris could Chuss. Sulw engaged by moving the hips. Pussy lips wide to Hos do I put in two fingers and G - Spot searched. Clattoris Chuss te te Chuss I G - Spot caressed. Sulw has not suffered. He said some of Eastern's ear.
Me: What do you say aunt?
East: Will say how long now? Brother, why Hrpte them the poor girl? Please do not even put you cocks.

Me: Aunty, ready?
That some bids. Smiling eyes are closed. I started by looking east parked next Sulw Gaya stand between the thighs. Put a small pillow under her hips Pequi to the level of my cock could not come. I caught the one hand and other Hos wide cocks. I put on the mouth of the forehead pussy cocks forced pops. Be in the mouth pussy Afasa forehead.

Sulw's pussy was wet and cocks the forehead was also Gilah. I'm late to sneak in yet Lund asked what hurts?

He pulled my hand without uttering Kule his forehead pressed to cocks and pussy to Sikwad. Su Su Su Su pressure to ease up the matter and C te half cocks in pussy removed. I stopped, put cocks and pussy on the side Tumka has widened. I s su es su su su cocks pulled back and put in like without waiting. Now the time I stopped on the whole cock entered the pussy. Lund Tumka imposed again, Cut to the Sikwad answered. Sulw was pulling me on his body and mouth to mouth by sticking to what the French began to vigorously

By the thickness of the walls of pussy cocks Zay etc. Until then I stopped. Later I was Adhdhar force of arms. Between the two stomach looking at the Hos te cocks while I fished. Sulw's hands were on my Kule, he stopped me, was not the whole cock out. Lund's forehead pussy cock in the mouth until I pulled the Tumka Marwaaya cocks. Tumce Lund was a bit rough side of the mouth and the pussy was wide. Cut to Sikwad Lund also pressed the forehead. S Su Su Su Su do I re-cocks in pussy removed. The games we played many long. Pussy and cocks the work to be covered in juice left our Ckasatmento growing.

Now I slowly began to attack right from the Sulw Acod aunt. Why is careful in the beginning of Lund puts her pussy was small and I was fat cocks. Pussy fuck As it is open it go away. Juices run job flows in and out easily the cocks began. Lund Hos by the thickness of the crack had become round comes to pussy was pulling Clattoris. This happened to every attack with the cocks cocks Dandi Clattoris Sulw engaged with the eroded by later told me such Herkat comes to him was very Mazo, Clattoris extracted from the electric current was spread to all the body. Along with my shock he was also hip to the extent Ahilati Cut from the forehead of every corner of the cocks to be reached. Hola Hola started my attack by increasing the speed

In watching the pussy ripped ripped Sulw Aftace started it by hitting shoulders like a fish on my hands and teeth started Chopatanae Bury Akronch put my back to the nails. I was fast and deep attack Acod to be twisting and turning it cocks the hip was the brainstorm. He did not even have Oargazma. Without him I thought I got them Oargazma be Zar Unga.

I said to the east: Eastern, finger to see how the little aunt Clattoris
The aunt's middle eastern belly to put our hands Otolly Hos. Were on my attack. Clattoris touched by such East during the full swing of the Sulw been Oargazma. He added me to wrap my hands feet began to stroke the pussy Kule Neechor Lund started the whole body of the thirty seconds has Akaad, Rocँ that stood out saliva from the eyes and mouth had been Minch. She became unconscious Oargazma C Afrtar of mourning lasted two minutes.

Lund also has lost me Kazbual. Cut down in the depths of the cocks I Zr loud. Added spill my semen in the pussy Sikudi of Sulw pulled the cocks to be Sithial Sulw was lying on the bed properly. I Pisb to go to the bathroom and washed cocks.
Then come back to bed when lying on my left was looking east. He called me in his arms long to quote: It's my turn right?
I lay down beside her and put her arms take Sshalane breast.
Wrap my body with her soft naked body was. Neepals small breasts small piercing in my palms started by

My Aloda who fell soft wash in cold water began to learn that
I said: My dear, will took a while. See that, Aloda soft right now. Will tan Chodengae then.

Here Sulw aunt came to help put our bodies between the hand he caught Aloda. Heads I lay down. Acda the cap to open Alore Sulw the forehead and immediately taken into the mouth. The gentle touch of lips to get the instant tan Aloda was. Tan, even. Aunt did not have cocks, getting Chuss ti.

In the meantime go on my hand Pequi Clattoris Eastern was playing. Lund whole body when I Sulw removed from the mouth and I sat down. Aunt Lund Rakha Muatty hold. I picked up by Eastern Zaanhean wide. Hos Kaँwarie of the open.

Eastern Hos was small. Excitement was fully. Clattoris were hard. Work in two-inch crack was full rich juice. Cut the mouth was too small. I have all of the first light touch Ssahalai Hos. Cltoris Mslly later. Lying east of the hips moving. That bid: Ussss, brother, is so tickled Peasab will.
Me: give to the Howe Fa Mazo makes it?

Five minutes after the two Pequi licking pussy I explored the mouth. I could go in to board a finger cunt. Cut to a wide mouth twisting round and round I could then two fingers. I gently put the third finger. Eastern was a little pain but not much commentary. Pussy three fingers to board easily and then I started going out with him in the Choada Unglyoan five seven minutes.

Eastern's entire body was pink with excitement. Pulled me up by herself, legs, wrapped it on my waist and my cock caught in Muatty. Shake ass quote: no brother left it, you take a person over how long? In'm dying
Sulw I asked: what is thought aunt?

Sulw seen and spoken to the east of the Hos Otoal: willing but not Acod careful. Pequi is still very small
I: East, now I'm going by putting cocks in your pussy is not just to patient.

I have taken up over the feet of the east and a small pillow placed under her hips. Pulling my cock she was so impatient to have the vaccine on their pussy. I put light pressure Lund Cut the forehead. Easily make inroads into the mouth of the forehead pussy pussy board could go up. Pale pussy cocks up to Board I planted ten twelve attack. Cut the minutiae of that was soft.

East bid: Ussss l l s, ah t t seems very sweet brother to stay the same.

Was just so full of cocks pussy was too much of the East, beating cunt Aftace am I satisfied with the panel's pussy lips break has come to come to watch the lips of the French pasting what I started. Sulw feet of him Rkrake up. I moved back three to four Chiechare attack vigorously pressed the push of a break that put half of the Zillly cocks in pussy entered. I immediately stopped. The scream of pain that I was killed east Chopeta took my mouth en. There was sweating all over body.

French to rescue what they quote the mouth: very painful and brother, they go off.
Me: Just be patient, dear, just the pain will be gone.
But where did I hear my cock? He put strong Tumka. He was too rough and tough with Tumce and pussy wide to be more. Then hurt a little bit to the east. That bid: Brother, do not take out still hurts.
Told by his dear sweet mouth Chumate: a while for me to be a long wait. Now it will not ease the pain I go off Unga.
Osto, fuck all the more difficult it was for me two Minitean. Soft soft cocks in tight pussy Tumce killing is not easy to pale without great difficulty I could not stop myself from putting Hcha Hchch attack. After the East's Cut is the shrinkage began. I then asked: How is the pain now?
East: has been reduced
This time he put his hand Otolly Hos. Lund half of which was out of the Unglyoan he took the measure. Then do Ghbharo bid: brother, just so much out of me then you'll do will be painful?
Me: No son, now will not hurt. I just want to see pain, Howe put the user is not speaking.
I put in a little pull out cocks. S su su su su user went down easily inside. Then I stopped and said to the original entered: head up and see how much is left now.
He cast an eye between our stomachs. Who was adjacent to Mons Mons. Lund did not see even a bit. Surprise that quote: Brother, do you have the full Husad?
Me: Yes, full. Now and again I Daluanga full Nikalaunga. Arahena see you.
He watched the forehead and cocks in pussy cock in the mouth until I pulled. I said: Now you can Cut Sikod forehead pressed.
To the east on the newly wed is not it time engaged in learning that Su Su Su Su s of sight I do Hola cocks in pussy then put.
Put my Galemen eastern arm pulled me your top bid: Brother, now is not pain

Now I got the open field. I slowly began the attack from the east to the Acod. Go fuck As it is it went smooth and East of pussy ass Dole began. Gilah cocks at the easy pussy juice began to come in then I increased the speed attack. East of the stimulation was increased, but more. He was loud loud hip twisting and shock by putting ti Clattoris Rgad was to my Mons.
Me: Just slow down, east, slowly. What's up?
East: Brother, I move my waist is Ahilati myself coming very Mazo you look so cute with the brain?
I: think I'm cute and my cock?
East: that you require may be asking too? Pequi the inroads that touched my heart takes
I came to love so much money on it close to how I do it imposed seven eight fast attack started by
Sulw sitting nearby said: Sameer fact, when your long cocks vulva are then entered in the meet looks like he has come in the mouth
Me: Aunty, you are going to come, east of the breast be asking them the touch of your hands.

Aunt came to hold that the two breast muscle was Neepals. I no longer talk without stopping fast and deep shock felt by the Acod. Hcha Hchch, Hcha Hchch attack east of the I Choada ten minutes. Fuck that bloody ba Oargazma it was not non-existent. He was feeling tired by now. I pointed to Sulw. Hos Otolly he come immediately to the east. As his finger vigorously to the east of the east of the Clattoris Oargazma been touched.

During Oargazma steady but I like the wave of the hip coming and going in pussy cocks. Akaad her body was, there was sweating. Minch added eyes and stood Rocँ nails me to wrap my back cast Akronch. Thirty seconds went storm, later he became unconscious and C had to adapt.

Orie later he came to senses and quote: What happened brother? Where were you in?
What do I say: you were right here. It has happened Oargazma Kahtean
East: Mazo did so. Oargazma it all the time what happens?
Me: Yes dear, sometimes two or three are also with the brain during the fuck.
East: Oargazma happened to you?
I: not, now.
East: how?
Me: I Chodunga you then.
East: It's not just fuck over?
Me: It's not
East: Hi Raia, you keep waiting for what?
Me: Sweet, now to me would not. I Chodunga loud. Howe pain immediately tell.
I gripped the arms of the loud loud Acod began. Five of seven Dhce I had Zar. I put Bhins east of the soft body. Cocks out without removing the my semen from her pussy erupted. Cut him who killed him in Aftace agree with me that he would Zre. Both of us have to adapt tired.

Night had passed enough. While three of us were sleeping at home Maheman Pehene the same bed without clothes. When I wake up with my chest sticking Eastern slept. Of the thigh to my waist was Alipti the Hos of that was to my Alore. Sulw was behind me and was awake. Your breast down on my back with one hand while he was playing with my Alore. I also woke up with my cock and took the Eastern Hos touch. Hos find your feet touch the east of Lund was also awake

Heads turn, I was changed. Two girls next to me was wrap both hold my cock was bent to the.
I said: not like this. First decide who Chudwayaegee ago.
I woke up I call both.
I said: east, just beat your pussy second time the wound will be painful to take cocks. Fuck me you two girls do to them the TE, aunt cocks foot mouth going on and you go to the bathroom take Peasab Pequi wash well. Your blood will be engaged and my semen stains on your Hos

Heads turn, I was changed. Two girls next to me was wrap both hold my cock was bent to the.
I said: not like this. First decide who Chudwayaegee ago.
I woke up I call both.
I said: east, just beat your pussy second time the wound will be painful to take cocks. Fuck me you two girls do to them the TE, aunt cocks mouth and you go to go to the bathroom take Peasab Pequi wash well. Your blood will be engaged and my semen stains on your Hos

I Chate Pequi Eastern tongue. Have little in the mouth and Chusi Clattoris. East of the tongue like cocks tightened to wear your Clattoris. Meanwhile, Josh Sulw Puar Acod was my Lund. Twenty minutes and we fuck with Zare.
Sulw; Mazo came.
East: aunt, Lund will be so sweet that I did not know. Brother, let me see you that.
Aloda I saw two girls carefully. East bid: looks so cute
Acda without saying that the cap was Alore forehead and mouth was open.
I; do not feel dirty?
Alore Chuss te te nod to the Chuss said he is not. Two cocks in five Mineetoan stood. Eastern got me quickly on board and took cocks pussy. Sulw come in my face once again for twenty minutes gone fuck Aflah Hwँ

Was still dark outside, so the three of us wearing night dress

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